Brighten Their Days

Lifting the spirits of children in treatment

The majority of our project funding is directed at saving lives through clinical research. However, the warm beating heart of the Foundation lies within our psychosocial projects, which provide support for the psychological and emotional distress of children with cancer.

You can contribute towards the Foundation’s psychosocial projects by visiting our Brighten Their Days campaign page.

These projects cost the Foundation approximately $25,000 each month.

Our Childhood Cancer Beaded Journey

Mother Kate Johnson shares her families harrowing experience watching their son’s heartbreaking battle acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Art Therapy & Cancer Care – Q&A with Matilda Dawson

Art therapy is one of our clinical care programs. Art Therapist Tilly Dawson shares about a day in the life of her work.

Music Therapy for Cancer Patients

Music therapy is brightening the days for children in the Royal Children’s Hospital Cancer Centre. We interview Music Therapists Melina Roberts.

How can you help?

Lives are changed forever from the moment of a childhood cancer diagnosis. It affects the child and their family for life. Generous donations and supporters are what keep our work – and children – alive.