Childhood Cancer Chair

Children’s Cancer Foundation and My Room Chair in Childhood Cancer

After being constrained by the global preoccupation with Covid-19 and the resultant impacts the parties to this exciting initiative regrouped in mid 2021 to set a course for realising the aspiration of this initiative.

The Children’s Cancer Foundation and My Room Chair in Childhood Cancer will play a significant role in eliminating children’s cancer on a national and international scale, by ensuring new research outcomes are translated into patient treatments.

This exclusive, Australian-first position will bring the advances and expertise in adult cancer and new genomic innovations to the field of childhood cancer for the next decade and beyond.

This investment of $12,000,000, will provide a lifetime of hope for Australian Children. The investment is funded by the Children’s Cancer Foundation ($3,000,000), My Room Children’s Cancer Charity ($3,000,000) to be matched by the Participating learning, clinical and research partners identified below. This is to create a perpetual position that will be unrivalled in its dedicated focus to advancing childhood cancer research and clinical treatment until it is eradicated.

Together with the Children’s Cancer Foundation and My Room, the Chair will:

The University of Melbourne is now recruiting for this visionary and galvanising leader. Trained in both research and medicine, the Chair will connect world-class research and patient care, overseeing game-changing collaborations with the five funding partners.

The participating institutional partners including some of the leading learning, clinical and research institutions not just with in Australia but globally.

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