Clinical Care

“We are incredibly honoured to be funding The Beaded Journey. It is a program that is very close to our heart” ~ Sarah, Lilly’s mum

Lifting the spirits of children in treatment

Since 1992 we have funded the salaries of medical consultants, nurses, nurse educators, pharmacists, dieticians, e-education advisors, play therapists, art therapists, music therapists, psychologists, mental health clinicians, neuropsychologists and many more to ensure the best possible outcome for children with cancer.

While the majority of our project funding is directed at saving lives through clinical research. The warm beating heart of the Foundation lies within our psychosocial projects, which provide support for the psychological and emotional distress of children with cancer.

“The small things can make a world of difference to kids facing big challenges” – Cooper’s Mum

The Beaded Journey   

If you treasure a piece of jewellery because of the sentiment it represents, you will understand the significance of a child’s Beaded Journey.

The Foundation has funded The Beaded Journey since 2008. Thanks to the generous support of the Lillies for Hope Special Named Fund, we are able to continue funding the program until 2024. The Beaded Journey allows children to chronicle each milestone and significant procedure throughout their cancer treatment with a different coloured and themed bead.

“We are incredibly honoured to be funding The Beaded Journey. It is a program that is very close to our heart, as we experienced the joy that it brought to Lilly while she underwent treatment. We know how important this program is, not only for children in hospitals but for lifting the spirits of their families too.”

– Sarah, Lilly’s Mum

Music Therapy 

If you have ever found yourself lost within a song, totally immersed, you’ve experienced the essence of music therapy. Expression and creativity through musical instruments, song and singing have been brought to children undergoing treatment by the Foundation since 2009.

“Georgia loves music therapy. It’s one of the things we asked for right away. I just knew it was really important for her mental health,” – Anna, Georgia’s Mum

Art Therapy 

Art Therapy provides a space for children to get messy, experiment and express themselves through the healing power of art. Along with the Pratt Foundation, since 2006 the Art Therapy program has provided a space for children to process their feelings at a time when words alone are not enough.

“Art therapy for cancer patients at RCH is beginning to take a more family-centred approach to become a therapeutic experience designed to build a positive connection with children”

– Tilly Dawson, Art Therapist
Our psychosocial projects, are the warm beating heart of the Foundation. They reduce psychological and emotional distress of children with cancer.

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How can you help?

Lives are changed forever from the moment of a childhood cancer diagnosis. It affects the child and their family for life. Generous donations and supporters are what keep our work – and children – alive.