Victorian Paediatric Cancer Consortium

The biggest ever investment in childhood cancer research in Victoria

The Victorian Paediatric Cancer Consortium (VPCC) was created by the Children’s Cancer Foundation in 2021.

It brings together some of Victoria’s leading researchers, academic and clinical organisations – all working to make things better for children and adolescents with cancer through world-class medical research and innovation.

Prior to the establishment of the VPCC, the Victorian paediatric cancer research landscape was fragmented across research institutes and hospitals, impacting development in the field of paediatric cancer. This, and a historic under investment into children’s cancer research in Victoria, has resulted in minimal advancements in treatment for childhood cancer over many years.

The VPCC however, has created a paediatric cancer ecosystem, unifying the paediatric cancer research and clinical community to leverage existing capabilities and improve outcomes for children and their families.

Recognising the importance of maintaining a skilled and dedicated team of researchers focused on paediatric cancer, the VPCC is committed to nurturing local talent and attracting the most brilliant minds from both Australia and internationally.

“Now, thanks to the VPCC, the best minds in Victoria’s medical research community have a new platform through which to share and benefit from each other’s knowledge.
Our findings will enable other researchers in the childhood cancer community to accelerate their own research and discoveries,
Many survivors of childhood cancer are left with debilitating long-term side effects of their treatments. We need to do better.”

– Dr Jason Cain

Earlier this year the VPCC received a $35 million boost in funding as part of the Victorian 2023-24 state budget. This will be matched by an additional $10 million from the Children’s Cancer Foundation to form a robust investment package of $45 million and ensure the VPCC’s work is firmly supported and poised for success.

The $45 million will be rolled out over the next five years and directed towards discovery research, clinical trials, survivorship research programs, enhanced biobanking resources, and dedicated childhood cancer physician and research training and grants.

Looking ahead, phase two of the VPCC aims to:

The combined $45 million will be directed towards:

We know research with scale and leverage is critical and together with the VPCC’s researchers, doctors and families of kids with cancer we are set to take on children’s cancer and accelerate groundbreaking childhood cancer research.

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