VICETA Wang Annual Charity Fundraiser

Vibrant sunflowers and a feeling of warmth filled the room at the VICETA WANG Annual Charity Fundraiser, which was held last Wednesday, 16 August at the picturesque Leonda By the Yarra. On what started as a chilly Melbourne morning, the sun was soon shining through the Ballroom windows, as guests came together to raise a remarkable $85,525.46 for children and families impacted by cancer.

A brand which has emerged from a team of dedicated caregivers in their personal life, leading Australian fashion label VICETA WANG, generously gives back to the community each year by hosting an annual fundraiser. The Children’s Cancer Foundation were honoured to be the chosen charity partner for this year’s event, where guests enjoyed an afternoon of fine dining and entertainment – while helping to change the path of childhood cancer.

Talented young dancers from RSD Dance Studios showed grace beyond their years as they took to the floor with a beautiful performance, while the event’s charismatic hosts, Todd and Chris, skilfully led the days energetic live auction which included a number of exquisite art pieces.

Children’s Cancer Foundation CEO, Michelle Crawford attended the lunch and thanked Viceta and guests for their incredible generosity,

“We are committed to supporting the children, families and clinical researchers who are fighting childhood cancer every single day – but we are only able to so thanks to the unwavering support of generous individuals and organisations. We are so very grateful to Viceta and her team, and everyone who supported this fantastic event.”  Michelle said.

Photo credit: Viceta Wang


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