Positive effects of music for young cancer patients.

Singing, song writing, playing instruments, music relaxation and creating playlists are just some of the many methods and techniques music therapists at Monash Children’s Hospital use to assist patients in coping with their treatment.

The Music Therapy Program is offered to young patients at Monash Children’s Hospital, including those receiving cancer care, to support them through their treatment. Through the medium of music, patients develop positive coping-related behaviours which reduces anxiety.

Sessions provided to patients are aimed at addressing the needs of the whole family unit, with parents and siblings encouraged to participate and interact in the sessions by selecting songs and playing instruments.

Over the past year, some young oncology patients at Monash Children’s Hospital have chosen to either learn a new instrument, such as the keyboard or guitar, within their music therapy sessions or have continued to engage in therapeutic music lessons on their primary instrument, which they may have been learning prior to being diagnosed with cancer. This has allowed the patients to stay connected to the healthy parts of them self and enables them to experience a sense of self-efficacy and achievement as they continue to master learning an instrument whilst being unwell.

The Music Therapy program has been particularly beneficial within the inpatient environment, paediatric intensive care unit and within the day treatment clinic, supporting patients either pre, during or after invasive procedures. 

As well as funding research, the Children’s Cancer Foundation fund clinical care programs because we know that it is the little things that can significantly help a child on their cancer journey.

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