Meet The Chefs Behind The Million Dollar Lunch 2019

In the Kitchen with…

Guillaume Brahimi, Executive Chef at Bistro Guillaume and Hari Unterrainer, Executive Pastry Chef at Crown Melbourne.

Q: The Million Dollar Lunch menu is a highly anticipated feature of the event. What was your inspiration for the Entrée, Main Course and Dessert this year?

Guillaume: This year I wanted to create a light entrée featuring amazing Ora king salmon. For the main course I chose to cook my braised beef short ribs, a real winter crowd pleaser – I think!
Hari: The dessert this year was the hardest so far! It involved lots of planning and preparation to work with the theme “In Full Bloom” (I love flowers!). I’ve created a beautiful chocolate flower with a special touch

Q: Talking about our theme “In Full Bloom” what is your favourite coloured food?

Guillaume: I don’t have a favourite food colour but in line with the seasonal theme, I can say it is my philosophy to cook with seasonal food that is “In Bloom” produce wise.
Hari: I really like food that is red. Think strawberries, raspberries, pomegranate, watermelon, tomatoes and even red onions!!!

Q: What is your favourite meal to cook at home?

Guillaume: Too many favourite meals to mention, but it would be hard to pass on my BBQ with a variety of salads on the side. Or for comfort food, my roast chicken with tarragon jus and Paris mash.
Hari: I love to cook Italian food. Everyone loves my black ink spaghetti with tuna and tomato, even the neighbours.

Q: It’s a privilege having you both involved again this year. What do you love most about this special event that raises funds for childhood cancer research?

Guillaume: I love seeing the generosity and philanthropic spirit of Melbourne, especially for such a worthwhile cause. With four children myself, the privilege is all mine.
Hari: The Million Dollar Lunch is such a great event and it is my honour to be involved. Every year I hope we raise more money than the previous event. This is a fantastic charity event, for a very special cause.

The Final Word…

” Wondering which wine to match with your lunch? A spectacular wine list by Levantine Hill Estate awaits, but if I were a guest I would definitely choose the Chardonnay because Levantine Hill Estate Chardonnay is really amazing. I would also select the Shiraz as it goes perfectly with the tender beef and smokiness of the cabbage.”

– Talking wines with Guillaume

” It makes me happy to excite other people by simply doing something that I love. The science and the creative side to making these desserts really motivates me and keeps me coming up with new creations! Enjoy!”

– Sweet regards from Hari

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