We believe that every child should laugh , dance,play and live as only a child can.

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We’re proud to be supporting these hospitals and medical research institutes dedicated to improving the lives of children with cancer now and in the future.

“Children’s Cancer Foundation funding is enabling us to implement an innovative paediatric cancer research program. Through this research we are gaining a better understanding of cancer biology and envisage it will translate into targeted, less harmful therapies for children with cancer.” ~ Professor Elizabeth Hartland, Director and CEO 

“Without the advocacy and extensive and long-term funding from the Children’s Cancer Foundation we could not have developed our clinical and research program to the extent that we currently enjoy.” ~ Peter Downie, Head, Centre for Cancer and Blood Diseases 

“Monash University is proud to collaborate with the Children’s Cancer Foundation and the Hudson Institute of Medical Research in research programs that aim to improve treatment and give hope to children diagnosed with cancer.” ~ Professor Eric Morand, Head, School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health 

“The Children’s Cancer Foundation funding has propelled our paediatric cancer research program, allowing us to break new ground in genomics, stem cell medicine and clinical trials, which are offering newfound hope to the improvement of diagnosis and treatment for children with cancer.“ ~ Professor Kathryn North AM, Director 

“The Children’s Cancer Foundation funding has provided vital support for ground breaking national studies investigating novel treatment approaches for children with cancer. This support is critical to help us work towards improved outcomes and reduced side-effects for our patients.” ~ A/Prof David Ziegler, Kids Cancer Centre 

“The Children’s Cancer Foundation’s major support of research over many years has enabled the development of a new generation of diagnostic genomic tests. Expanding our clinical trials portfolio and helping us keep at the forefront of new immunotherapies, and supporting comprehensive clinical care has also been made possible by the Foundation.” ~ Dr Françoise Méchinaud, Children’s Cancer Centre. 

Kevin Martin retires from Children’s Cancer Foundation Board

After more than 25 years of selfless service, esteemed Children’s Cancer Foundation Director Kevin Martin has retired.

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VICETA Wang Annual Charity Fundraiser

VICETA WANG Annual Charity Fundraiser raises over $85,000 for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

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The Million Dollar Lunch 2023

The Million Dollar Lunch raised a record $2.9 million for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. 

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The Million Dollar Lunch.
The most important event you will contribute to this year.

The Million Dollar Lunch raises funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation, which has distributed more than $60.5 million to support children with cancer and their families since 1992.

The Difference is You

Shine a light on children’s cancer

Help us change the path of children’s cancer this September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Join our community across the country, to honour the children who have lost their battle, those currently in treatment and the healthcare professionals and clinical researchers making a difference.

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It’s never too early to try and make a small difference in this world and give back. That’s why we are teaming up with the local business, Pokeworld, as they bring fun and joy to their Pokemon-loving community.

Ugur and his friends will be donating a portion of their sales to support children with cancer.

Head over to our Fundraiser page to learn more.

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Become a Change Champion

Our community of Change Champions continues to grow. Whether you are 8 or 80 years old, next time you’re planning a new or updated hair style, make it extra special and raise funds in support of childhood cancer. Go on, make a change for good!

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