Make a difference from home

Many fundraising actions can be reimagined into a virtual environment. Take a look at our online fundraising suggestions and make a difference to the lives of children with cancer, and their families.

Fundraising ideas during isolation

Here we are in May 2020, well into home isolation. Work-from-home and home-schooling schedules have seen many of us adapt to new ways of living and working to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus during a global pandemic. 

The impacts have been rapid and widespread. Many people have lost their lives. Many are doing it tough. Individuals and business are re-thinking how they can make a difference and support causes in need. 

In this time, as we learn to adapt to our new ‘normal’, several families will have received the news that their child has cancer. 

Cancer treatment and clinical research doesn’t and cannot stop. We will not stop working to find better ways for every childhood challenge. 

Social distancing practices look like they will be part of our norm for some time ahead, highlighting the benefits of digital tools to help us bring friends, family and colleagues together even though we must physically be apart.  

We continue to be inspired by the people who come up with fun and innovative ways to fundraise for those in need and ensure that vital work like ours can continue. 

Your digital toolbox

You can take almost any event or activity online. Stream it live or record it for sharing later. 

Facebook live, Facetime, Instagram TV, Zoom, Skype, Houseparty, Microsoft Teams, Google Duo, What’s App, Slack, Discord, Squad. The list is endless.  

Set up a fundraising page for via our website (we can help you) where guests, participants or supporters donate to and help us see the day where childhood cancer is gone.  

Virtually anything is possible 

Host it! A concert, cooking, cocktail and mocktail making, fitness, language class, webinar, education or specialist service, raffle, contest, auction. The cost to participate or attend is donated.

Find a fundraising style that works for you

Fundraise from the comfort of your own home. 

Party on 

Bring the party together using the online channel of choice. Help your guests re-create a party atmosphere in their own home by posting festive decorations and party wares if you want to take it to the next level. There are lots of games that can be played virtually, classics like Pictionary and charades can come together virtually. Guests donate what they would have spent on gifts, travel, food, drinks, a new outfit, to your online fundraising page. 

Game-changers unite 

What about a 24-hour gaming marathon to support game-changing research for children’s cancer? Fundraisers stream their game playing live on websites, such as Twitch. Viewers can donate while watching the stream to your online fundraising campaign page

Endurance and challenges 

Be sponsored to complete at-home challenges. Run, dance, walk, bike – alone or with a group of virtual friends. Run a marathon or walkathon in your area while distancing or channel your inner Thomas Moore as you pace around your backyard. Fitness trackers come in handy for this. Cycle solo on the road or a stationary bike. Supporters donate to watch you challenge yourself. Challenges can be modified to suit people of all fitness levels, and you can do them anywhere.  

Socialising for good 

Donate what you would normally spend on coffee meetings and social drinks to fundraising for hospitals to have access to the best possible and latest proven childhood cancer treatments. Set up a fundraising campaign page and share it with friends and colleagues. Ask them to tally up what they would normally spend on coffee and drinks catch up and donate instead.

Got other fundraising ideas? Tell us, and we will update this article.  

We can set up your fundraising page via our website for you so that all funds will go towards our projects.  


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