Literature for Lizzie

Following the sudden leukaemia diagnosis of one of her best friends, 11-year-old Allegra decided to combine her friends love of reading into a fundraiser for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

“Lizzie was suddenly and unexpectedly diagnosed with Leukaemia at the start of this year. She is only 12. I felt so helpless! I wanted to find a way to not only support her but also other children who are battling cancer.”

Allegra spent a lot of time thinking about fundraising ideas and eventually settled on the ‘Literature for Lizzie’ fundraiser, given how much Lizzie loves reading.

Running her fundraiser from the driveway of her family home, she sells children’s and teen books in a monthly book stall.

“Most of the books are from my own personal collection as I love reading and have many, although lately a few friends and family have donated some of their books too!”.

With much determination, Allegra spends her day standing waving a ‘Book Sale’ sign to passing cars – and whilst she can go hours without selling a single book – she is intent on making a difference for her young friend.

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