Jordan: “All these beads mean something to me”


Children's Cancer Foundation

Jordan was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma which marked the beginning of his Beaded Journey.

He underwent 44 weeks of treatment, comprising radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Jordan successfully completed his treatment however a year later relapsed with lung cancer and his Beaded Journey continued. He completed 50 weeks of treatment for this cancer. To date, Jordan has 668 beads.

The email below is reproduced with permission from his parents:

“For Jordan, the Beaded Journey was and still is, an amazing way to capture all the procedures he has endured and to explain to others what he has experienced. Jordan presented his Beaded Journey to his Grade 6 class and teachers at the end of his treatment, as well as presenting the Beaded Journey to his entire school.”

He stood proudly to say that “all these beads mean something to me and this is what I have experienced.” He became quite emotional when showing the school as it was overwhelming for him to see this beaded representation of what he had been through. He often sits and goes through his beads – perhaps reflecting on that period of his life, as he is a bit older now.”

Thank you to Jordan and his family for sharing their story with us.


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