Beaded Journey

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Funding continues for The Beaded Journey

Children's Cancer Foundation / 15/07/2020

The Beaded Journey will continue until 2024 thanks to a Special Named Fund. The family behind it shared their experience with the program.

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A Creative Mind

Children's Cancer Foundation / 07/12/2017

Five-year-old Caleb was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma in early 2017. During the long hospital stays, Caleb feeds his creative mind with music and play therapy.

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A Brothers’ Bond

Children's Cancer Foundation / 16/05/2017

In June 2016 a large mass was discovered on the brain of thirteen year old Dylan. He was rushed to the Emergency Department for urgent surgery.

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Jordan: “All these beads mean something to me”

Children's Cancer Foundation / 01/01/2016

Jordan was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma which marked the beginning of his Beaded Journey.

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