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Hearing the news that your brother or sister has cancer is heart breaking, overwhelming and confusing. Read the stories of these siblings.

Our sibling stories take a look at cancer through a siblings eyes. These stories provide a heart-warming and at times heart-wrenching insight into paediatric cancer. Siblings can be forgotten in the midst of a cancer diagnosis. Their worlds are also turned upside down as parental attention shifts, daily routines change, and complicated emotions like fear, anxiety, jealousy, guilt and anger are experienced. 

Read the experience of three siblings of a child with cancer – Riley who learned patience and understanding, Carlee who remembers how their day-to-day lives were changed by her twin brother’s diagnosis, and Molly, who speaks to the resilience that can grow from these experiences.

“The telling of sibling’s stories is important because the “voice” and “perspective” of siblings is often lost in the anxiety and chaos of a cancer diagnosis.”

Tracey Danaher, Foundation Board Member.

Clements Family

Riley:  Enduring cancer strengthens Clements brother’s bond

Carlee: Love keeps shining strong with the Clements twins

Buntine Family

Molly:  The Buntine family conquers cancer together

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A brother’s bond 

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