Adressing the urgent need to develop a childhood cancer cell line resource

The Children’s Cancer Foundation has helped fund a groundbreaking resource for childhood cancer researchers worldwide.

Following more than seven years of support and an investment of over $7 million from the Children’s Cancer Foundation, the world’s largest collection of high-risk paediatric cancer cell lines is now available for every paediatric oncologist and childhood cancer researcher across the globe.

Through the work of the Victorian Paediatric Cancer Consortium and the Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, the Childhood Cancer Model Atlas (CCMA) features in the latest edition of prestigious scientific journal Cancer Cell.

A unique, open-source facility, this incredible resource is a result of collaboration between 35 cancer research institutes, universities and academic medical centres, both nationally and internationally.

This revolutionary program will support all childhood cancer researchers who study the disease and how it develops – ultimately helping to identify new therapies and treatments for children’s cancer.

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Video is republished courtesy of Hudson Institute of Medical Research.


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