Childhood Cancer Symposium 2020 : A meeting of brilliant minds

Each year the Hudson Institute of Medical Research assemble some of the world’s top researchers and clinicians working in childhood cancer for The Childhood Cancer Symposium.
As Premium Partner once again in 2020, we were privileged to hear first-hand the details of ground-breaking work that is creating a paradigm shift in childhood cancer understanding and therefore treatment strategies.

Doctors from established institutes, universities and centres shared their research findings together with new therapeutic opportunities that are emerging for common bone tumours osteosarcoma, a cancer where no new treatments have emerged in the last 30 years.

Presenters brought news on developments and treatments for high mortality cancers and how clinical paediatric neuro-oncology research is improving outcomes for paediatric brain tumours.

Bench to bedside

Hudson Institute’s own team showcased their latest discoveries. As Dr Jason Cain, Head of Developmental and Cancer Biology, explained, “aims to understand the role of critical embryonic signalling pathways and epigenetic mechanisms in normal/abnormal development and disease, including paediatric connective tissue”.

Caroline Drinkwater Senior Biobank Specialist also discussed the importance and impact of collaboration and contribution from around the world towards rare and valuable specimens from Biobanks, including several of the ANZCHOG BioBanking network sites. The biobank developed by the Hudson Monash Paediatric Precision Medicine Program is funded by the Children’s Cancer Foundation, part of our provision of $5 million over five years.

Photo credit: Hudson Institute of Medical Research


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