Support Childhood Cancer Awareness this September

Creating a world where children’s cancer is gone

With the welcome arrival of more daylight hours and sunshine in September, it is also Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Initiated by former US President Barack Obama in 2012, this global campaign honours the children who lost their battle, those currently in treatment and pays tribute to the healthcare professionals and clinical researchers making a difference.

Gold (or yellow) is the campaign’s signature colour which represents strength, courage and resilience. Gold is rare and precious – just like children! Going gold symbolises global solidarity towards all children affected by cancer and their families.

“Let us renew our commitment to prevent, treat, and cure childhood cancer, and together ensure that all children can experience the full and healthy upbringing they deserve.” Barack Obama in 2016.

How you can support this month

Go gold. Yellow and gold are the colours synonymous with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Wear it, paint it or decorate it gold to raise awareness and encourage the conversations with family and friends on why children’s cancer needs more funding.

We will be featuring supporters around Australia who are finding ways to raise awareness and funds in their communities. If you are doing an activity during the month, tag us or get in touch so we can spotlight you too. 

Why your donations are vital

Our support extends to children and their families through the challenges of childhood cancer with subsidised counselling, and in-hospital Art and Music Therapists and the Beaded Journey program.

Get behind Childhood Cancer Awareness month this September!


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