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How to say the names of five paediatric cancers

Children's Cancer Foundation - 01/09/2020

Some paediatric cancer names are hard to say. Here we show you how to pronounce five childhood cancer types.

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The Million Dollar Lunch Giving Day result

Million Dollar Lunch - 11/08/2020

You helped us raise $569,254 for children’s cancer on the day and we have now raised over $580,000

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20 years on. Ben’s strength after beating cancer.

Children's Cancer Foundation - 29/07/2020

Ben went through gruelling cancer treatment at just three years old. He’s now a bright young man sharing his survival story and advocating for children’s cancer research.

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Funding continues for The Beaded Journey

Children's Cancer Foundation - 15/07/2020

The Beaded Journey will continue until 2024 thanks to a Special Named Fund. The family behind it shared their experience with the program.

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Enduring cancer strengthens Clements brother’s bond

Children's Cancer Foundation - 23/06/2020

Riley shared with us what childhood cancer has been like for him as the older brother to Hayden, since his brain tumour diagnosis in 2015.

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The Buntine family conquers cancer together

Children's Cancer Foundation - 23/06/2020

A passion for science and clinical research blossomed after Molly’s younger brother Jack had childhood cancer over 20 years ago.

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