Facts and infographics that educate the audience about childhood cancer

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World Creativity and Innovation Week

Children's Cancer Foundation / 08/04/2021

This World Creativity and Innovation Week, the Lancet Child and Adolescent Health Journal features the creative works from our funded Art Therapy program.

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How to say the names of five paediatric cancers

Children's Cancer Foundation / 01/09/2020

Some paediatric cancer names are hard to say. Here we show you how to pronounce five childhood cancer types.

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Childhood Cancer. Help us change the statistics and improve lives.

Children's Cancer Foundation / 12/03/2020

We are often asked how different cancers are affecting the lives of Australian children. Beginning with this infographic, we will share the statistics that reflect increasing survival rates and reduced instances of childhood cancers.

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How to Pronounce Eight Common Childhood Cancers

Children's Cancer Foundation / 11/09/2019

September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We've created an animated series of eight common childhood cancers that we encourage you, your family and friends to learn and share.

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