News and updates related to Foundation run events and featured third party events. This can be for both fundraising and non-fundraising events.

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VICETA Wang Annual Charity Fundraiser

Children's Cancer Foundation / 21/08/2023

VICETA WANG Annual Charity Fundraiser raises over $85,000 for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

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AFL gathers around children’s cancer

Children's Cancer Foundation / 11/04/2023

The AFL is pleased to announce the Children’s Cancer Foundation will be the official charity partner of the upcoming AFL Gather Round…A Festival of Football that will be held in South Australia from April 13-16.

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The Million Dollar Lunch Giving Day 2021 result

Million Dollar Lunch / 11/10/2021

You helped us raise $771,320 for children’s cancer on our Giving Day on 7th October 2021.

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When you love someone deeply you want them to shine in your life always. You will do anything to protect them. Children’s cancer shouldn’t happen – but sadly, it still does. With your help, we're funding game-changing research projects that will help eliminate children’s cancer.