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Big birthday celebrations coming to Moomba Festival 2020

Children's Cancer Foundation / 26/02/2020

Mark your calendar for the Labour Day long weekend, a special float appears in the Moomba Parade celebrating the 150th birthday of Royal Children's Hospital!

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Childhood Cancer Symposium 2020 : A meeting of brilliant minds

Children's Cancer Foundation / 26/02/2020

Each year the Hudson Institute of Medical Research assemble some of the world’s top researchers and clinicians working in childhood cancer.

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Battling Childhood Cancer in the Bush

Children's Cancer Foundation / 14/02/2020

Kasey was just 16 when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Tests, surgery and treatment would prove just part of complexities she and her family would face.

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Welcome to Jeff Darmanin, Executive Director

Children's Cancer Foundation / 04/02/2020

We extend a warm welcome to Jeff Darmanin, appointed as Executive Director of the Children's Cancer Foundation from January 2020.

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When you love someone deeply you want them to shine in your life always. You will do anything to protect them. Children’s cancer shouldn’t happen – but sadly, it still does. With your help, we're funding game-changing research projects that will help eliminate children’s cancer.