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Marcus Rosin Fund support of Brain Cancer Vaccine Project

Children's Cancer Foundation / 14/02/2024

The Brain Cancer Vaccine Project will see scientists develop a world-first vaccine that trains the body to recognise tumour molecules and eliminate them by harnessing the body’s immune system to fight the disease.

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PRISM Clinical Trial Project update

Children's Cancer Foundation / 03/04/2020

PRISM is a trial for young cancer patients exceeding the expectations and hopes of research staff at Sydney Children’s Hospital.

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Personalised treatments for childhood cancers

Children's Cancer Foundation / 05/11/2019

Beyond chemotherapy lies a complex world of treatment pathways. Dr Dhanya Sooraj, is investigating a more personalised treatment approach.

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Tumour biobank aids cancer treatment

Children's Cancer Foundation / 22/10/2019

A complex biobank of living tumours is helping researchers like Dr Duncan Crombie understand more about childhood cancer and leading to faster and more effective treatments.

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PRISM clinical trial for childhood cancers

Children's Cancer Foundation / 07/03/2019

Finding new tumour treatment and approaches for children and young people with cancers.

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Living ‘Organoids’ to Revolutionise Treatment for Children with Cancer

Children's Cancer Foundation / 07/02/2018

The Foundation’s research grant awarded to the Hudson Institute of medical research is targeted and kinder treatment for brain cancer and solid tumours.

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