Survivor Stories

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Because I survived cancer, I’m becoming an Oncologist

Children's Cancer Foundation / 25/09/2020

Anna survived Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) as a child and is becoming a paediatric oncologist to help others like her. She shares her amazing story.

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Hayden’s a hero in our book

Children's Cancer Foundation / 23/09/2020

Hayden has been fighting hard following a brain tumour diagnosis in 2015. Mum Simone shares his long, painful and sometimes frustrating road to recovery.

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20 years on. Ben’s strength after beating cancer.

Children's Cancer Foundation / 29/07/2020

Ben went through gruelling cancer treatment at just three years old. He’s now a bright young man sharing his survival story and advocating for children’s cancer research.

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Battling Childhood Cancer in the Bush

Children's Cancer Foundation / 14/02/2020

Kasey was just 16 when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Tests, surgery and treatment would prove just part of complexities she and her family would face.

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Eli: A Cheeky Little Monkey

Children's Cancer Foundation / 02/10/2018

Elias' bright and cheeky personality "has everyone wrapped around his little finger", including the doctors and nurses at the Children's Cancer Centre.

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