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World Creativity and Innovation Week

Children's Cancer Foundation / 08/04/2021

This World Creativity and Innovation Week, the Lancet Child and Adolescent Health Journal features the creative works from our funded Art Therapy program.

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Tassie town goes gold for childhood cancer awareness month

Children's Cancer Foundation / 14/09/2020

Mum Melinda brings together Oatlands town residents to raise funds for childhood cancer awareness month in September.

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How to say the names of five paediatric cancers

Children's Cancer Foundation / 01/09/2020

Some paediatric cancer names are hard to say. Here we show you how to pronounce five childhood cancer types.

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20 years on. Ben’s strength after beating cancer.

Children's Cancer Foundation / 29/07/2020

Ben went through gruelling cancer treatment at just three years old. He’s now a bright young man sharing his survival story and advocating for children’s cancer research.

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How to Pronounce Eight Common Childhood Cancers

Children's Cancer Foundation / 11/09/2019

September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We've created an animated series of eight common childhood cancers that we encourage you, your family and friends to learn and share.

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Celebrating 40 Years of Mary McGowan

Children's Cancer Foundation / 13/06/2018

For 40 years, Mary McGowan has dedicated her life to caring for children with cancer and their families.

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When you love someone deeply you want them to shine in your life always. You will do anything to protect them. Children’s cancer shouldn’t happen – but sadly, it still does. With your help, we're funding game-changing research projects that will help eliminate children’s cancer.