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Personalised treatments for childhood cancers

Children's Cancer Foundation / 05/11/2019

Beyond chemotherapy lies a complex world of treatment pathways. Dr Dhanya Sooraj, is investigating a more personalised treatment approach.

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Tumour biobank aids cancer treatment

Children's Cancer Foundation / 22/10/2019

A complex biobank of living tumours is helping researchers like Dr Duncan Crombie understand more about childhood cancer and leading to faster and more effective treatments.

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Not the usual type of bank manager

Children's Cancer Foundation / 08/10/2019

Caroline Drinkwater is a bank manager – but not in the traditional way.

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Early Identification Provides Hope

Children's Cancer Foundation / 01/10/2018

Application of a genetic screening technique – RNA sequencing – is helping to identify cancer cells early on.

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Training the Next Generation of Researchers

Children's Cancer Foundation / 06/07/2018

The PhD Scholars Program will equip the next generation of scientists with the skills they need to tackle paediatric cancer through precision medicine.

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Living ‘Organoids’ to Revolutionise Treatment for Children with Cancer

Children's Cancer Foundation / 07/02/2018

The Foundation’s research grant awarded to the Hudson Institute of medical research is targeted and kinder treatment for brain cancer and solid tumours.

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